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hi... i just bought my first hdtv and the satellite picture is terrible.. i believe im using coaxial cables? whatever came with the initial installation.

which connection method should i use for the best picture possible.... i cant afford an hdtv reciever

i have dish network if it matters?

any help would be greatly appreciated
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  1. Which TD do you have?

    What output options does your satellite receiver have?
  2. not sure what a td is..

    but my receiver has rca and s-video ports i believe...

    my tv is a viewsonic 24" 1080p, you can find it on amazon
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    Sorry, that was supposed to be TV which you listed anyway.

    Looks like you're running an SD signal into an HD monitor. Not much you can do to clear up the image. The S-Video will give you a slightly crispier picture than the composite RCA jacks but you may not be able to tell the difference anyway with a 1080p monitor.

    You either need to get an upscaler ($150) or the HD satellite receiver to really get a clear picture.
  4. ok.. what exactly is an upscaler.. it acts like a converter from sd to hd?
  5. Correct.

    This will convert the S-Video to a 720p signal. Much better than what you have but still not full 1080p.

    Pyro AV PVC-984 - $139.99
  6. so its either $140 for 720p.... or an extra $17 dollars a month plus installation for 1080p... hmmm.

    it looks like i might end up with a new receiver..haha

    thanks a lot for the information... wouldnt have gotten it otherwise
  7. Glad I could be of help.

    Enjoy the better picture.
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