New PC ... but is it done?

I have a brand new PC, built with lots of input from the forums here. It has a ASRock Z77 Pro3 board, i5-2500K cpu (no OC), no video card (HD 3000 graphics), OCZ Agility3 SSD for programs and OS, 8GB of Kingston Hyper-x Blue and Win7 64-bit.

The Windows Experience Index is 6.2 ... details:
> Processor 7.5
> Memory 7.6
> Graphics 6.2
> Gaming Graphics 6.2
> Primary Disc 7.9

On the Passmark site the system scores a 2019.6 overall.

I see on the Passmark site that systems with the same cpu and video have scores 25% higher than what I see, when I match on memory (close) and OS. I know the SSD I have is not the best available and some list different motherboards.

Is this seem about right for performance? I'm not sure how to verify I have things configured correctly ... I do have the latest drivers and bios updates.

Before I assume I am done I'm looking for feedback ... 25% faster would be nice!
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  1. WEI is pointless, put it this way, it shows the integrated graphics as scoring a 6.2/7.9! Windows is trying to say that there of every video card available better then the integrated graphics, they all fall in the same ~1.7 score range.
  2. If it plays the games you like, to your satisfaction, then don't be concerned about the WEI score. Want more umph!?. Use a discrete graphics card as suggested
  3. OK ... WEI is how Microsoft spells crap ...

    But the Passmark score shows other systems with the same specs as what I built performing 25% faster. These other systems have the same OS, CPU, amount of memory, HD3000 graphics ... and I have an SSD (no details on other PCs).

    So I'm thinkig there might be more performance to be had with a little tweaking. Where would someone go to learn how to tweak a PC to ake it run better. I have a copy of Iolo System Mechanic I could load ... and the current article of Maximum PC shows it to be the best tool for this sort of thing.

    I'm thinking what I don't know is costing me some speed :pfff:
  4. I think the difference is that you haven't overclocked your system, yet.
  5. pauls3743 said:
    I think the difference is that you haven't overclocked your system, yet.

    The systems I'm comparing against aren't overclocked either ... so I'm thinking there is 25% more performance to get if I can figure out how to do it.

    After than I can work on overclocking a bit.
  6. Who really cares about the benchmarks if it is working for your purpose... after my first build I wanted to do all sorts of messing around and worrying about it, but someone on here gave me the advice that if it is working well for my purposes it is not worth worrying about... And if you have not done anything to your components and the benchmarks show nothing being done to the tested components either, then there is not much you can do, you cant alter the way your components perform stock...
  7. As it turns out System Mechanic got me up to 2100 on Passmark ... and then a few tweaks from Windows7 info on the Internet got me another 350 ... so the system is up with the others in over all score.

    As far as "is it working for my use" ... I'm thinking I have never seen a PC yet that is fast enough :pfff:
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