w2408h lcd monitor goes to sleep and cannot wake up

Hi guys,

I have a HP w2408h (24" LCD) monitor that goes to sleep a few minutes after booting and cannot be woken up. I have tried to change the display settings to a minimal in safe mode and vga mode but this does not work. Only solution to get back the display is to restart after which the same problem occurs all over again. I can get into windows and run games but the monitor goes to sleep in between 1-3 mins after booting.

I was hoping that someone could help me with this problem. Would appreciate it.

ATI 2900 xt
core 2 duo 8600
4gb patriot ddr2
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  1. hi there,

    try playing with the power management menu on windows and see if it helps.
    by the way dont forgot that Flat panels has a delay with the pic.
    another think to do is try the second input on your graphical card and see maybe it will solve your problem.

  2. I have the same issue, and have not solved it yet, eventhough I have never hibernate turned off. I am using a windows screensave, but the screen goes blank after a while, which is I want, but then won't wake up, and whenit does, the relative two positions of my monitors have shifted. I am still playing with the settings as I have had the monitor for just three days.
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