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Where is the dell dimension 8200 radio button located?

I am trying to enable wireless networking on my Dell Dimension 8200 PC. The LinkSys WRTG54S wireless router has a setup program. I tried to install it, and it asked me to turn on the radio button on the Dell. Do I have a radio button and where is it located, if anyone knows. Help is greatly appreciated.

Also, do I have to go into my router program and make changes to settings? How do I enable the router to be an access point? Or is that necessary?.
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    If you simply want to make the Dell wireless:
    Connect the modem to the router
    Plug your wireless adapter to your Dell
    Install the adapter's software on the Dell
    Search for available networks
  2. ouiglz said:
    it asked me to turn on the radio button on the Dell. Do I have a radio button and where is it located
    Radio buttons are 'choice boxes' in software. You can turn on / turn off features by choosing between the options.
    example of Radio Buttons:

    Good chance the the options you need are in the Networking options in Control Panel.

    Did you install a wireless card or dongle in your desktop PC?
    Follow the setup instructions that came with your router.
  3. thanks for your responses to my problem. However, I think I am rethinking the wireless route and just going to stay wired because a friend of mine said that wireless would slow my computer's performance way, way down.
  4. I think your friend is misguided. You can ahieve just as high of connection speed wireless, as you can wired to the modem.
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