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Hi everyone

I recently installed a 4-channel Conexant 23881 based video capture card (the 8004E from ESunStar). After installing the drivers off the installation disk provided, I can see 4 x "800x Capture Card Video" in the Device Manager. However after connecting a CCD surveillance camera to one of the capture card inputs (it has 4 BNC connectors running into a single VGA input) my computer does not detect the video capture device.

Power is connected to the camera through a 12V 500mA plugpack.

The only thing I can think of is maybe the camera needs a driver or something? It is a 'generic' device so I have no idea where to look.

I have tried using several different dvr security surveillance programs (one that came with the capture card and other trial versions downloaded from to detect the camera, with no joy from any of them.

The camera works fine when connected to the RCA video input on my TV.

Please help, I'm lost :S
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  1. you can contact esunstar,inc, you can go to there" ,or you can add or send email to
  2. esunstar,inc can offer very good help, i am using 23881 dvr card,it is great,you can go shopping website,
  3. the card(8004E) Software has been updated to V7.38 version, you can go the website download:
  4. hi,i am there from
    the software have been updataed to V7.4 Version ,you can go the website download
    the address is
    pls install the driver and software ,and run init tools ,init your software,ten you can run the server.exe software
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