A used HP Pavilion dv6125se worth $425 Canadian?

I'm thinking of buying this used off someone. Would you say that's worth it? I got him down from $500.

Here are the specs.


Would appreciate some feedback.
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  1. not bad specs for around $400 in the new market only thing I can think of that's full sized right now is an E-machines laptop and it's running a single core but it comes with more ram and a slightly bigger hard drive (both inexpensive ugrades though really) I don't know if I'd go $400 used though seeing as for a little more you can buy a brand new dual core with similar or in most cases better specs (Compaq has one out right now for $479 or so that's going to beat the one you're looking at)

    I'd say if it's in the budget spend the extra $100 or so and buy new if not this isn't a bad buy
  2. This might not be too bad of a buy, as long as all the parts work. HP is great for having parts crash after the warranty is up. I agree with overclock in this case, spend a little more and get a new, better laptop.
  3. I actually decided to do more research on new laptops and it does seem that spending $100 more will get me something new and dual core. Thanks for the suggestion. Plus spending this much money and buying used makes me feel very uncomfortable.

    Are there any laptop brands I should stay away from, acer now owns emachines are new emachines laptops much better now, or should I still stay away?
  4. Personally, I'm a fan a Dell. They have fairly good product and good customer service. I would definitely suggest staying away from HP as I mentioned earlier. As for other brands, I'm not too sure. I have heard some good things about Toshiba, but have never actually dealt with them before.
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