Dual rca simultaneous output?

I want to split my digital cable signal simultaneously via the RCA jacks to my vcr and the AV signal of my tv. Seeing the digital cable will not serve as a pass through for the coax signal Im kinda stuck turning on the VCR to watch though the line in connection or unplugging the other inputs. I just wondered if there was anything easier and cheaper than upgrading the TV yet again. One AV input signal is taken up by a game console (wii). The other usable AV input is taken by the DVD player. I have component inputs but I dont fully understand the purpose served. When I use them I get a flashy black and white picture and decent sound. I really just want to link the digital cable to my VCR and television somehow please any help is appreciated...

To sum it all up How can I make one RCA signal into two simultaneous signals?

Is there anything I can do to use the component inputs better?

thanks for any help
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  1. They sell Y cables at all electronic stores and online. All you need is a 2 female to 1 male connector for each.

    Component needs a connection on the tv and the cable box. Red to red, blue to blue and green to green, plus red and white for audio.
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