Laptop Problems, HELP!!

hi there

i need some help with my laptop, to be honest its getting very annoying.

anyway this is whats happening, if i restart or shutdown, as you do a lot using pcs, occasionally my laptop wont startup again.

ie, i have no display, dont get a post screen, and the laptop just sits there with the power light and hd light on.
if i leave it a few mins the hd light goes off, but nothing happens, no booting or anything.
if i sit there for ages continually turning the laptop on and off, eventually i can get it to come up with the post screen and boot, but when i say ages, i mean ages.

please help!

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  1. what make is your notebook and how old is it?
    you don't give much information if I may say so.

    anyway, on my older notebook I had a similar problem.
    in my case all I had to do is close and open the display once or twice. apparently the BIOS didn't read the small pin properly that switches the display off when you close it.
    maybe your BIOS finds a problem during the BOOT process and can't initialize the graphics card or the display cables are worn out by the open/close of the dispaly. happens more often then you might think. check this by connecting a monitor to the vga port. if you get a picture there but not on the LCD it might be the internal connection to the display. but make sure that in the BIOS the output on both screens simultaneously is enabled.

  2. hi there

    yeh sorry, heres some more info

    its a tiny notebook (FIC model 5650)
    with a celeron 400 processor, 64mb on board ram, plus i added another 128mb sodimm a while back
    i tried the monitor thing, it still doesnt work, i dont think theres a problem with the lcd. and also i checked all the connections inside, and checked the hd and cpu are ok, etc.
    its a very weird problem, as it only happens every now and again, usually after windows has crashed on shutdown, so ive had to power off.
    then when i power on again, i get no display, power light on, no booting sounds or anything, its like soooo weird.

    any ideas?

  3. sounds like it could be that your HD is developing faults since you say it happens mostly after windows crashed.
    ever checked with ScanDisk (the full check that includes surface errors)?
    I lost two notebook HDs so far due to bad sectors. even though they are build to survive quite some movement and shock, they are not indestructable.
    if possible reinstall windows clean. means to format the c: partition. usually bad sectors are marked during format and won't be used by the system then. but as I said only if possible.

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