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Hi Guys,

Would like to know what the last movie you have seen and how did you like it. Just rate it out of 10. You can discuss about movies you like and loathe and all other stuffs about the silver screen. This way we can really select good movies from all over the world in different languages and watch them, because THF has people from all over the world. :D

For me...
Inception - 8.3/10.
District 9 - 7.7/10.
Heat (1995) - 6.6/10.
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  1. Oldboy (2003) - 7.8/10. Awsome korean flick. Guys you should watch this.
  2. Mr. Smith Goes To Washington - 7.6/10. Jack Stewart was awesome in this movie. Very nice movie.
  3. Blade Runner - 5.6/10. Dont know how come this movie is ranked so high in Didn't like it that much. Although i am not the sci-fiction type of guy!

    Guys please do let us know of some latest movies you guys watched. That would really nice.
  4. The Expendables (8/10) - Not much of a plot, but the action makes up for it.
    Inception (9/10) - Takes a bit of thinking, but i didn't find it that hard to follow
  5. ^^Ya Christopher Nolan's direction and explanation of the plot was too good. Don't know if its up for the Oscars, but it will definitely up there to take the cinematography and special effects awards!
  6. Batman Begins (2005) - 8.2/10. Awesome flick from Christopher Nolan again. Liked it with the heavy philosophical dialogues. Nice one.

    Die Hard (1988) - 8/10. Awesome action flick. Watching the movie after 14 years. Totally forgot what its plot was. :)
  7. Unborn (2009) - 5.3/10. Pretty simple horror. Nothing special.

    (500) Days of Summer - 8.2/10. Liked this one very much. Kinda explained the getting together to breaking up part amazingly well.
  8. I would rate it 3 star out of 5
  9. [REC] (Spanish) - Really really scary movie. Man... can sleep now. That's why surfing the net!! :(
  10. Anyone watched Hereafter?

    Karakter (Dutch) (1997) - 7.7/10. Awesome movie. Won best foreign film in 1997. Great flick about a man who was tormented by his father and his weirdo mother.
  11. LOL, the last movie I saw was the latest Harry Potter at the theater. I was forced to go with a friend who likes the stuff- I hate it, nor have I read any of the books. But judging it as a movie (effects, etc...), it was well done, so I'd give it a 7.5/10
  12. The last film I watched was The Fury, i've got a video up right here:
  13. Even i hate Harry Potter series. Watched the prisoners of Azkabaan, not watching the previous parts. N felt totally lost and didn't like it!

    Double Indemnity (1944) - 8/10.
    Chinatown (1974) - 8/10.
    The Third Man (1949) - 6.8/10.
  14. The Watchmen(2007)- 10/10=Just watched it for the first time,thought it was the best comic movie i ever seen.Awsome.
    Skyline(2010)-9/10=I looked at all of the reviews and everyone seemed to hate it,i loved it perfect sci-fi type of movie for me.You could see at the end that they already had a sequel planned for it,wonder if it will even show cause of the bad reviews.
    What you guys think?
  15. M (1931) (German) - 8.1/10. What a movie. Takes a long hard look at the loop holes of the insanity plea and the lawyers using it to save criminals who are not fit for society! Wow! The movie's direction is way ahead of its time! Impressed by it!
  16. Predators - 7.5 out of 10.
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