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I recently bought two cheap digital cameras (Digital Blue SNAP! WM10005) for my kids. They work surprisingly well, except that both stamp all photos as being taken at noon on 3/30/05. They came with no software and the Digital Blue site offers none. Is there any generic software I could use to reset the time stamp within the camera?

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  1. As you've discovered, the brand seems to have a website.

    See if you can find a contact point for help.

    Assuming the thing has a preview screen, I suspect there's a setting within the camera's menus for setting date and time.

    Try removing the battery for an extended period which may trigger a date setup screen.
  2. Thanks fihart. I contacted them and they replied promptly, if not in an inspiring way:

    Thank you for your interest in Digital Blue! The SNAP! 1.3MP Camera does not have a date and time setting built into it. When the photos are downloaded to your computer, the camera will give them the name Photo#.jpg (i.e. photo01.jpg). The next photo will have the same name, except the photo number will increase by one. You can then use Explorer to save the photo as a new name or date.

    If you have any other questions, please reply to this e-mail.

    Best Regards,
    Digital Blue

    I will try your battery suggestion. Otherwise, if there is no "date and time setting," there must be something setting the date at 3/30/2005 for every photo. Any way to see if I can modify it?
  3. If the camera is actually imprinting the date on shots it MUST be possible to alter that date, surely.

    Alternatively, there may be a way to turn off the imprint somewhere in the setup or crop it out using Windows Paint.

    As for their response -- it's barking mad.

    Suggesting changing the file date in Explorer -- well it's feasible but who knows how to do it without a third party utility ? And that doesn't solve the imprint problem.
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