Having problems with ps3 and surround 5.1

My PS3 is connected to the TV by HDMI and the TV to the receiver by RCA. But I am not getting 5.1 sound when playing games or Blu Ray. I try to force the PS3 to output the 5.1 but the voices of the games or movies doesn't sound.
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  1. RCA isn't 5.1 surround compatible, only up to stereo as far as I am aware of, if your receiver has HDMI or optical use those ports instead of RCA. Also run your PS3 to the receiver first then pass every thing that is connected to the tv from one input so all you have to do to change from sat to game is change receiver input.
  2. Optical is by far the best for surround,
    my brother has it, and when he's in his bedroom playing COD:MW2, i sometimes think we're being invaded (",)

    Invest in optical, it's worth it!
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