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I recently (and finally) taught myself how to type properly, rather than with the two index fingers and right thumb that had been my mainstay for two decades. I did that as I needed to be able to type faster that I was. The only side effect is that my short little fingers have a hard time working my venerable old IBM Model M buckling-spring (old-school clicky) keyboard as it has a relatively steep key pitch between the rows. I also got a hold of a Logitech Internet Navigator with membrane keys that is a little easier to type on but not by much, and the keys just feel squishy. However, I can type perfectly all day on my laptop with its perfectly flat scissor-switch keyboard.

So, I am looking to get a laptop-style scissor keyboard for my desktop. Does anybody know of a good one? It can be either USB or PS/2, color doesn't matter, and the only stipulations are that it has a numerical keypad off to the right and the keys have a nice even weight to them and aren't overly light or squishy. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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  1. (over one year late reply...)

    I'm a scissor-switch fan and don't like membrane keys, and I'm in the quest of finding the best keyboard for me. You might have found one already but googling "scissor-switch keyboard" will find lots of web pages.

    So far I like BTC 6200c best with stable key feeling but it's not a full keyboard as some Fn keys are assigned to Fn+Arrow keys. I'd like to try BTC 6300 (full keyboard) in the future but it seems discon'ed. Kensington SlimType has looser/more instable feeling on keys than BTC one in my opinion.
  2. We have one that is quite popular and sells really well. You can see it here:

    Although this is really old, let me know if you or anyone here have any questions that I can help out with.

    Have a good one!

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