What home theater decode 5.1 DTS using Toslink cable.

Hi, today i decide to buy home theater system to finally play my games and movies with 5.1 DTS sound on my PS3.I was thinking to buy this one

Sony DAV-DZ260

because it's not very expensive and have good sound, but i'm not sure that the system provide 5.1 surround whit optical from PS3, because on the manual there is nothing about build-in DTS, DOLBY DIGITAL or DOLBY PLII decoders.

And my question is if i buy this Sony HTIB does i have true 5.1 dolby from my PS3 and if i'm not, what system i need to buy to have the proper 5.1 with my console in the games.

Thanks in advance for the answers and suggestions.
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  1. The Sony DAV-DZ260 has both Dolby Digital and DTS.
  2. Tnx for the answer, do you have any other suggestions for not too expensive system?
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