Music deletion by mistake even deleted from recylce bin. :___(

i deleted everything by mistake and they are songs that i love but dont know the names to. this has happen before but i restored from the recycle bin but this time i did it officially:( pleaseeee help me :( :(
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  1. Remember the general rule: Don't not double post the same question so quickly. You can always bring the thread you originally created to the top by responding with "*BUMP*" or something similar.

    Anyway, it is possible to undelete your files as long as you have not saved any new data to the same drive. If you did then that could have over-wrote sectors on your hard drive where the music was saved. Use FreeUndelete to try to recover your files:
  2. Also, you are likely to receive more help if you were to post in the "Storage Section" since this is more of a storage issue (hard drive) than music issue.
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