Can't get printer to go wireless..HELP!

OK, I have a TP-LINK TL-WR541G router and a Brother MFC885CW printer w/ WinXP w/SP2.
Now, the printer works great via USB, but I cannot get it recognized via the brother SW package either wired or wireless.
I have turned off my firewall (NIS2008) as requested in the instructions (yeah, I know, nobody reads the darn manuals, but I was desperate) and want to know: Do I need to turn off the router firewall too?
My daughter has no prob connecting WL w/ her notebook and would like to print too.....She has school starting soon and I would love to get this resolved.

Thanks to those who know.... (I know I have posted this 2x (here and in WL: Setup/config....), but, as I said, I am desperate)
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  1. 10 views and no ideas???C'mon people, I REALLY need your help on this one....
  2. Your Router is not a printer router. Did you share the printer?

    You also need install the driver on each computer you want it share the printer.

    Read the the Router Manual for other setup.
  3. Rexter: OK, just to get more info:
    1) what does my router not being a printer router have to do with anything? The printer manual says to connect to any router, either wired or wireless, it will work.
    2) I have the driver loaded on both computers, but if it won't work on the main PC (Wired), why should it work on the wireless notebook?

    So anyone have some more specific help?
  4. Sorry, I'm not familiar with Brother's wireless setup, but will take a shot here. I'm not sure where rexter was going with his question - I don't know what a printer router is, and you don't need a print server; any router should work so long as your printer supports wireless.

    You mentioned disabling Norton - I assume Windows XP Firewall is disabled as well?
    Are you using security (WEP or WPA) on your network? If so, does the Brother software ask for the security key (WEP Key or WPA Passphrase)? If not, I would assume the INA in the printer won't be able to join the network without authentication. If Brother's setup (either through software or the printer's op panel) doesn't allow you to enter your security info, then you can try turning off security and see if you can at least get it connected. Of course that doesn't help long term if you don't want to leave your network open.

    Aside from that, please list the steps you're asked to go through to get the printer on the network, and maybe I can think of something more specific.

    If you can't get it working, and decide to return the printer, you might try a Lexmark wireless printer - their wireless setup is a piece of cake, and I can also give you much more specific help on it.
  5. LOL. :pt1cable:

    Your Router is not a printer router. Did you share the printer?
    What in the world am I talking about? Was I drunk that day? Which I meant printer server in the first place :whistle:

    what does my router not being a printer router have to do with anything? The printer manual says to connect to any router, either wired or wireless, it will work.
    Absolutely nothing.

    Sorry for confussion.

    Anyway have you tried resetting the router? It may help, and does the router firewall disable temporarily just 'till you get it working of course.

    I'm not sure if there's a problem with security though, as you mentioned the Wi-Fi is working and not the LAN. That’s why I think it might just need a reset.
  6. OK...Rexter....I had some success with talking to Brother. I can connect via USB and wired LAN. However, I can't connect using wireless with WPA2-PSK AES with a 63 character key. My daughters laptop connects just fine, but the printer cannot connect wirelessly. Any ideas????
  7. First Reset the printer to factory settings.

    With the driver installed on a computer, connect the printer cable and setup the printer for wireless network. Use the same workgroup you use for the group needs to use the printer.

    Check your Printers Manual if WPA-PSK or WPA2-PSK security is supported, may be the reason you're not getting any luck. So change the settings to wep and try to connect. Unless you prefer WPA2 security, you may need to use the cable instead of wireless.
  8. Change the security on the router to WEP.
  9. I have the same issue with my printer. Can any one help?
  10. If you hold down the Power button for 10 seconds, it prints out a test page. It also converts the printer from wired to wireless connection, or vice versa.

    I had the same issue, and this "Feature" is poorly documented of switching from wifi to wired connection.
  11. Brother printer model series E has some issues related with wireless.It is the first time i heard this type of problem but anyhow i am giving you location from there you problem will resolve.
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