PVR, Internal or external or ?? TV tuner?

Ok, so now after my last post it seems I need both a raptor (for speed for the OS) and a maxline III (for storage) on my new system.

Working 10 hour days and taking care of a disabled wife, the only time I get to watch tv is when I am on the computer (leave a small window open in the corner of my screen).

I do have a number of old vhs tapes (some were 8mm home movies put on VHS 20 years ago) that I want to put onto DVD. Also maybe replace my vcr using this as a PVR (for the two shows a week I tape ... usually the history channel).

I have always used an ATI all-in-wonder card. Most people are telling me this it very limiting (no choise in video cards, tuner not compatible with next OS, ...).

So I was looking at going with a separate tuner/input unit.

I was looking at a Plextor external unit (USB 2). It does mpeg 1, 2 and 4 along with divx (don't think I needed all this ... if I am correct I would only use mpeg 2 for dvd's ... this is all new to me). They even metion digital dolby ... but again not sure if this is important to me?

I noticed on a previous post, I was told to use an internal PCI input/tuner card.

Is this because I would bog down the USB with this much data or ????

Any suggestions???

Thanks again ... Mike

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  1. USB is too slow for good video input, USB 2 is good enough, but I prefer the perfect performance of PCI.

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