I'm a newbie to sound systems. I need advice.

I'm finally getting an HDTV soon, but I want a sound upgrade as well. I don't even have a 5.1 surround system. Everything has changed since my days and I'm just confused on what I need.

I want surround sound for my movies coming from my PS3, as well as from my games. I also plan to hook up my PC to the TV as well.

I really have no idea how to go about hooking things up with HDMI, or what kind of sound system I need with a reciever or whatever. I'm not wanting to spend more than $300. I really need someone to recommend a system and how to hook things up for the best possible setup.
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  1. PC can be hooked up using the graphics cards TV out connector, if u have an nvidia grapihcs card it should be all straight forwards to u

    now hooking up a 5.1 to a TV, u could just buy a decent hom cinema system as there major link to a device is a TV so it should be all straight forward.
    if u have a proper home cinema system u shuoldnt need a receiver or anything like that since its all provided
  2. Easiest solution would be to get a decent 5.1 or 7.1 reciever to route everything to whatever speakers you decide to get. Important are the number of HDMI in/out's, and what Dolby/DTS techs are supported for decoding (Dolby Digital and DTS are MUSTS!).

    Basically, look for a reciever that decodes DD and DTS with several HDMI in/outs. Then look for a 5.1 system. Once you make sure you can plug speakers into the reciever, then most everything can be sent to the reciever via HDMI.
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