USB flash drive is no longer seen as a drive or in disc management

I know, should have a backup, I was actually about to create a backup when the flash drive failed on me unfortunately. My newest backup is from about 5 days ago, so I'd prefer to be able to restore the current files.

I moved the drive over to another computer and tried to save a file but when I checked again the file was gone, like it never saved at all. Subsequently, after removing and plugging it back in the computer did not detect the drive (or see it in disc management). It does show up as a generic USB drive in the device manager, but there are no properties for it.

When I add it to a computer, it still adds drivers for it, but then nothing happens after that.

It may also be a hardware problem, since the drive fell on the ground pretty hard a while back, but seemed to be working fine. There isn't an easy way to open it up and check.

I also tried using a few data recovery programs, but they couldn't detect the drive either.
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  1. It detected in other other port/computer? (disk management)

    If it failed to be detected in other computer that usually can then u had tough luck...
    the drive might had broken....
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