Windows 7 (64bit) BSOD 3b

hi everyone , this is my first time creating a thread , i have gotten alot of BSODs before so i have tryd reformatting to fix this issue cause i thought i ended up usen 32bit drivers on 64bit windows , i was playing a game and it ran perfect until i closed the game and opened internet explorer and i crashed at the google screen with a stop code of 3b , i have gotten many other bsod code before ( 1E. 109 , 1A, D1, 8E, 01, ) i only have the minidump for 3b i think i havent checked , i was hopen someone could help me figure out what the issue is to be causen this bsod, its been happening every since i built my computer, it will only bsod about once or twice a week and happens at random times , i ran prime95 on blend test and it will fail anywhere between 30 seconds to 10 minutes but if i run a small fft test it doesnt fail , i have all the latest drivers VC and mobo
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  1. Random restarts since the computer was new usually points to RAM. Hardware?

    Run memtest for 10 to 12 hours. Any errors at all mean bad or incorrectly configured RAM.
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