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I had a question about the Contrast Ratio on LCD monitor. First of all what is it exactly. Futhermore, is it perhaps that is the Contrast ratio is 500:1 or lower , certain webpages may not be displayed correctly. Meaning , I used a flat panel at a friends house and when I checked my hotmail box, the new emails usually are colored (yellowish) but on that flat panel lcd monitor , there was no difference!!!

Is it because of the contrast ratio...
I have a choose for around 650 USD , 600:1 or 1000:1 which one would you pick ??

thank you
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  1. Contrast ratio is the ratio of the difference in light between full black and full white. Its really a pretty worthless number (but it sounds good for salespersons), although in a very general way, higher is better. Generally a contrast ratio of 250:1 or higher is fine (good luck finding one that low).

    In those 2 choices, I would pick a different feature or specification to use to determine which to choose.

    There are a bunch of possible reasons that the yellow color didn't show up on that monitor, but contrast is probably not one of them.


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