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The time has come again: I'm buying myself a new computer! It's like a second Christmas, isn't it? This time around I'm getting a laptop. Yeah, I know you'd like to suggest I build another tower instead. Better deal, easier to upgrade, and so forth. And I would, if I could fold it up and put into my backpack. But my work has me adopting a new lifestyle of frequent moving around. So, I looked into Aliewnware with the awe and anticipation of having "Indisputable Power" encased in a shell of anodized aluminum. But... I stumbled upon a problem. No, it's not money. I can shell out the several thousand for what can only be described as "enthusiastic" hardware. I found the problem in forums, when I read horror stories describing the terrors that come from making the awesome mistake of buying Alienware. Really? Is it really that bad? CPUs that melt, cases that crack, power supplies that burn up, price gouging, and, with all these problems, bad support too? Well, shucks. I thought this would be easy. Thus, I seek friendly opinions and advice. Is it really a bad idea to buy Alienware? So bad that we should establish awareness programs to protect the public? And if so, where do you suggest I look instead? Feel free to throw out specific examples of laptops I could buy in lieu of an m17x. If you find it prudent, defend Alienware. Thanks for the help.
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  1. Well, I've heard the horror stories myself. I personally was ignored when I tried to ask them questions before I bought a system. That's part of the reason I passed on purchasing an Alienware. The other part is that I just found a better deal.

    Anyway, some of those horror stories are exaggerated. You always run the risk of getting faulty hardware no matter what computer you buy or build so to lay the full blame on Alienware for "melted CPUs" (doubt that) or "burnt PSUs" is unfair. AW has no control over other companies Quality Control problems.

    If I were you, I would take a look at what Sager has to offer. They are the company I went with because what they offered beat anything that Alienware could offer for the money.

    They are currently updating their line-up to reflect the new mobile i7 processors, so there are a few laptops missing from their site:
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