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I have 2 SATA SEGATE harddrive one 80gb and other 120gb. I just upgraded my system to AMD64 3500 and mobo A8V-E deluxe. I've ran some benchmark utility and it tells me that max transfer on my 80gb is 53mb/s and my 120gb came up with 3 mb/s. I've noticed that my whole system lags when i'm saving large files. Installing and decompressing take forever too. Can you guys tell me what could be wrong with my system. I have xp pro. On my mobo all setting for my sata drives are auto, and there is nothing else to set up.
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  1. yeah, I've installed thr 4in1 drivers. I got the ones you told me to get anyway, and installed them, but nothing changed. second sata still runs slow
  2. The motherboard i have, has only 2 SATA ports, and both my harddrive are SATA, so i have no other options for hooking up my second harddrive. I've swapped the harddrive cables between the 2 sata ports, and it's always the 2nd port that's slow.
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