Acer P244Wbii - a gaming monitor?

Question: What kind of panel is used for this LCD? I guess I am looking for a TN panel because I play a lot of games on my PC.

I have always used CRT monitors but I am in the process of purchasing my first LCD. I do no video or photo editing what-so-ever, I don't even have a pirated version of photoshop. I use my computer for gaming, internet browsing, and watching movies, and I am mostly concerned with purchasing an LCD monitor that is going to run smooth with a game like Team Fortress 2.

Oh yeah, and I have been using 75Hz for years and I hear LCD's are stuck at 60Hz.Will I see a dramatic change in my games with the lower fps, just from switching from a CRT to an LCD?

Thanks in advance!
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  1. Based on the price and specs, it does use a TN panel.

    Refresh rates for CRTs and LCDs have different meanings. For LCDs it refers to the signal sent between the video card and the LCD monitor. Response time determines how fast the pixels will change colors.
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