XP home v Pro, but for college.

Hi, Im just heading off to college soon, and i am purchasing a new computer. It comes with Windows XP home on it. However I have the option to upgrade to Windows XP pro for an extra $100 bucks. I read that Pro has a built in firewall and many more secure options...ect. I will be hooking up to the campus network, and of course security is a priority. However, i dont feel that spending $100 is better than DLing a free firewall, say such as ZoneAlarm. Do you think i should spend the extra 100 and get XP pro? Will it make a difference? And if i decide to stick with home, what extra security options should/can i take, if any?
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  1. Stick with Home
  2. You should stick with Home and beef up your security measures through a firewall.

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    Unless you're going to a 2year school, you can buy Home and Pro for somewhere between $5 and $15 at your college. Fully functional. Individual cdroms, packaged. With instructions and msft support. Official cdroms with the pretty little holographic msft logo and cdkey.

    *All* you have to do is flash your college id. Most will scan it, so if you try to buy 5 copies, they shut you down. If you're just buying 2 or 3 per semester, you're good to go. If you don't know where the campus computer store is, grab an EE geek and ask. Or go to the network help desk and ask them; some schools sell them from the net help desk.
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