Question on adding a hard drive to a SATA box.

I have a SATA Hd in one of my computers. It's the only one in that particular pc. I have a spare IDE hd that I would like to add. Are there any "issues" I should be aware of in doing this, given that none of the IDE channels are presently in use? Do I set it as master or slave, etc....

Tia for any info.
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  1. SATA and IDE are separate thing.. did you have any problem with you cdrom or dvd and the SATA?? I guess no. That will be the same.. the only problem you can run in will be with your optical device and you HDD.. if they share the same cable and are incorrectly jumpered, causing conflict between the HDD and optical. one should be master, the other slave..

    but your SATA wont see any difference having an PATA hdd..

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  2. As long as both controllers are supplied by the chipset, BIOS will see SATA and IDE drives the same, and allow you to select which you want to boot from. Windows sees them as the same too, by default.

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