How to password protect a printer


How do i put a password on my printer so that when i press print, it says password needed? it says this at school and i want the same at home.

Someone please tell me how to do it, i dont mind installing programs or anything but it has to be fee.

Thanks alot
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  1. oops, sorry guys i ment to say its has to be 'free' not fee :-)

  2. hello,
    how i say that this is useless question or not. but i have no idieas about it.
    if you want more about it please cheak this link. hope its help you.
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  3. hello i say that is a difficult question. i don't have a idea so if you wants more reply me hope its help you
  4. Hello,
    Yes some printer have the settings in the properties most of the time cause i have a printer that i had to look thru the settings to create a password but yes look thru your settings for the printer
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