Please help me with new LCD monitor selection

Hi, all, I am having trouble deciding which to get for a new LCD monitor. I am current debating between the following 3 products:

Acer P244Wbii
Asus MK241H

At first, I wanted to the Asus one as the hardware reviews seemed awesome. But now I am not so certain any more after browsing their hardware forum and seeing many reports of that same line of 22" and 24" LCDs suddenly fail (or have color problems) for no reason, which seems to consistently occur after 2 to 4 months of usage. Any of you know if those are just all coincidences or if the problems have been corrected by the manufacturer? Thanks.
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  1. to tell you the truth I was thinking about ASUS too.

    I heard its has some cheap build (i never saw it on my own eyes so I dont know).
    farther more , I dont like monitor which has a camera/microphone and other stuff on it,, I prefer buying on one high end quality product.

    form all of the above I would go for the Samsung 2253BW (my sis got it and she uses it alot... ).

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