DLP replacement bulbs?

DLPlampxpress equivalent replacement bulb ran for approximately four days and failed. So my wife contacted Mitsubishi for replacement bulb and we returned the failed bulb back to DLPlampXpress for replacement and wouldn't you know... "it worked fine when tested" and "you may want to find a servicer to further diagnose your problem". So I suspected maybe a problem with the balast, so I contacted Mitsubishi for replacement ballast.... Mitsubishi instructed us to use the new bulb (from Mitsubishi) before further diagnoses. The exact replacement ORSAM 180w bulb has been running for 19 days now!

Why would an equivalent replacement bulb (ORSAM 150/180w) not work after just a few days? DLPlampXpress has not responded to request for exact replacement or refund. :pfff:

Comments or suggestions please...
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  1. OK.... my first thought was o its the Ballast because its burning your lamp. bout then you say you change it.. the problem was that..

    and Mitsubishi does not make TV lamp they sell OSRAM because its compatible.

    DLPPlampXpress always does the same they send different lamps and they tell you o buy a different part ...

    i know a good website were you ask any question they have live support so that is always cool .. i like it live chat.

    another important question did you check your wattage and compare it whit you old tv lamp that may be a good possibility it fails.

    good luck hope it works great for a long time...
  2. Melvin.... thanks for the website!

    Just to update my situation...

    Yes, Mitsubishi does use bulbs manufactured by ORSAM and the bulb (ORSAM) that I received from Mitsubishi (same part number as original equipment) is still working in my TV.

    I did not have to change the ballast.

    The bulb that DLPlampXpress sent me was not the "exact same" part number of the original equipment bulb provided by Mitsubishi.... although DLPlampXpress tries to argue that it is the same!

    DLPlampXpress finally refunded me the purchase price minus 20% restocking fee and return shipping costs... which is just wrong in the first place, but I'm tired of dealing with them on the issue.

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