I know something about it but not alot. i know it plays DVD's and stuff. I hear it can upconvert cable or soemthing like that? My Samsung 40" is 1080p but it is really blurry up close, i have direct tv satelite cable. if u buy a blu ray player will my picture quality be way better than it is right now? I have my pc hooked on it and its awesome picture quality no blurs nothing. but when i switch to tv its not that great. plz anyone help me. thank you
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  1. A Blu-ray player is an optical disc media player (live a DVD player) that reads Blu-ray optical discs (DVD discs too).

    It will not make your TV signals better but it can make your DVD images better if it has upconversion or upscaling technology built in (this will be listed as a feature for the unit).
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