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I just finished getting my first self built computer together. I installed xp, and after solving a few problems, im left with just one. I have no sound. There is 6 channel audio on my asus p5q board, and a headphone header and a mic header. Im running windows xp with SP3, (originally i had no service packs, which lead to one of the problems i posted on this forum yesterday, but i got it fixed). There is a sound picture thing in the bottom right, and i can adjust the volume, but still get no sound. In device manager, there are no yellow question mark things, because i installed all the drivers. Device manager says all of the audio things are working fine, so i don't understand why i am getting no sound. Any suggestions? Thanks to everyone who helps.
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  1. Whatever you do, do not updates hardware drivers except intels components using microsoft updates; or did you already?

    Go to Device Management and check if your hardware drivers is properly installed. Right click My Computer - Manage - Device Manager. and look for icons with exclemation point (means drivers installed but not working properly)

    On your sound manager, select your proper sound device for output. I would assume there's only one device anyway.

    You may have to re-install the original drivers that came with your board. Were there sounds before the SP updates?
  2. thnx for trying to help, but this is pointless now. My comp is dead, i get a bunch of b's across the screen with blue lines, i think its the video card. I tried to clean install but there still there. Im getting really sick of all these issues, this is the 5th or 6th issue ive had with this comp after getting it built. I think im just gonna take it to the shop and tell them fix it, ill pay for whatever, just get the thing running perfectly.
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