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Please help, my dvd rw will burn cd's but not dvd's. I have tried reloading drivers and firmaware, but to know avail. Anyone got any suggestions.
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  1. did your pc write dvd's with third party tools like nero ..
  2. there are two lasers in the drive one for cd and one for dvd, most likely you have burned out the dvd laser. Time for a new drive.
  3. How do you know that it is supposed to write DVDs? Do you have specs on the CD/DVD that say it is a DVD-RW and not a DVD-ROM? Have you used it to burn DVDs before, either in the current machine or some other machine?

    Do you have another PC you can install the DVD writer in to make sure it is working? DVDs use the standard ATAPI drivers, and don't need drivers for a specific machine or operating system.
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