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i found this website dfsdirect sales that seems to be linked with dell and seems legit. they computers on their are cheap. the dell precision 690 with intel xeon @ 3ghz for only $360 ! yes can you belive it. but something seems fishy. on the dell outet? why would dell have two different refurbed places its listed for $700 on up.
also specs arent clear and i getting a dual processor on the intel x5000 chipset, and well it seems too good to be true .

here is the one i want if you want to see||5753363930204465736b746f70&hits=50&sortby=%2Bprice+%2Bname&offset=0&isLaptop=N

if it is a fraud or joke im goin with the hp xw8200 or precision 490 n
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  1. I have never used that website but it looks legit to me. I think if it were not a Dell or Dell authorized site, Dell would be on them pretty quick for using their logo and making it appear like Dells site.

    They may have two sights to appeal to different market segments - the on at for the normal retail market that visits that site and this one for corporate types. Or it might just be that the two seprate organizations - retail sales vs. financial arm doing leases - want to each have freedom to set own terms. Or maybe they have a business partner of some type in the financial segment that requires it be kept separate. Or none of the above.

    Like they say - they are selling off lease products - probably two to four years old. So you are buying used equipement, old technology, and very short warranty - thus the lower price. In their other site, I think you will find they generally have more current models - more recent sales that were returned by customer as opposed to the older off lease equipment.

    You are right to be concerned about limited specs. For instance, no info about PSU. Only 80 GB HD and only CDRW - no DVD. Only 2 GB of memory - do you know if it requires expensive buffered memory if you want to add more?

    But that all said, you may get a lot of processing power for the dollar here. Just keep in mind it is used, older technology stuff. And since it is two generations or so old, 3 GHz CPUs from that era will probably not be anywhere near as fast a 3 GHz processors with current architecture - although I am not familiar with Xeon models.

    Also did you look at their other models? For $385 or $25 more you get the same model processor in 3.2 GHz, a larger 150 GB HD, and DVDRW.
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