Running an HD TV and computer monitor off of my computer

I have a question I am praying someone will have an answer for.

I am getting a new PC this Christmas with an nVidia GT220 video card and a blu-ray drive. Since my wife and I live in a small apartment, the only real place it can go is the bedroom. The wife agreed to this just as long as we can "convert the computer into a "movie system" which would allow us to watch blu-ray movies in the bedroom.

The computer comes with a 20" Dell LCD that I am really only interested in using that for actual computer work (I have no interest in trying to get a 20" monitor on the wall to watch from a bed 6' away). I was thinking about getting a 32" or whatever HD LCD and putting it on the wall. What I would like to do is connect both the 20" monitor and the HD LCD to the computer (If my current video card will only support one "viewing device", I have no problem putting in another card to support the other "viewing device).

I was wondering if a) it would be possibly to have both a monitor and an HD LCD connected to the PC at the same time and B)Would I be able to watch blu-ray movies in their max resolution? I know that they are supposed to be viewable in 1080p, but if I am viewing it on a computer, does it then come down to some sort of DPI resolution or whatever? (I dont recall ever seeing a 720p/1080p setting on a computer before).

I would love to be able to watch blu-ray movies with the quality they are meant to be viewed with and am curious as to whether or not watching them from a computer will reduce that quality or whether or not running a 1080p HD LCD off of a computer would somehow keep us from watching a blu-ray movie with the quality it is meant to be seen?)

Sorry for the very long question. It is a question I can see very clearly in my head but am not able to communicate clearly at all. :(

Thank you so much for even reading this question let alone trying to help me.

Happy Holidays!!
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  1. Yes you can do exactly what you are saying. I am currently typing on a 56" dlp connected by HDMI from my computer. You can even watch blue rays at 1080p. As a warning, playing blu rays on your computer is not a fool proof as using a stand alone, but I have not had issues. If that card does not have HDMI then you can adapt a DVI to it for cheap. works fine.

    Your computer should recognize the TV and give you the appropriate resolution option. Just set it to the native resolution. ie 1280x720 or 1920x1080. Launch the blue ray and maximize on the TV and you're on your way.

    Another option is getting a 24"+ monitor and having it as a TV too. Not sure how you are getting the computer. I'm just thinking that the cost of the 20" monitor and a 32" TV will add up to one really nice monitor, such as almost the dell 27".

    Feliz Navidad.
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