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Hey guys, I just ordered up a new Core i7 gaming rig. I didn't cut any corners so far and I don't want to start at the sound. I'm using the asus P6T V2 Motherboard. I'm not sure how well the on board sound is but I don't expect I'll get the full potential of a pair of high endish headsets from it. I'm currently looking at the Sennheiser PC 350's. I don't have any idea on which sound card will take full advantage of the headset. I'm open for suggestions and I'd like to keep the total bundle (headset and sound card) under 300. I will pay more but only if you highly recommend it from personal experience. On a side note, I plan on trying out windows 7 as money is quite tight at the moment and it is a free OS =/ (drivers and compatibility going to be an issue?) This is a purely gaming rig, classical music and heavy bass from R&B will have to tough it out. Thanks for your help!
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  1. I had some sennheiser hd280's hooked up to my on board audio, on my gigabyte 790gp-ds4h board. They sounded great, don't know if you'd gain much with a soundcard. (Thats the common consensus as far as I know). Sennheiser's aren't known for bass, but they have great overall sound.

    As far as windows 7 I think there are issues here and there with games, you'll have to take them as they come though.

    Im jealous of your pc 350's, I was looking for a gaming headset earlier but couldn't justify the price. Wish they made headphones like this with removable mic's.

    Anyway, good luck!
  2. So, I've taken some time to think over other options. My computer parts are on their way so I'm also not in any rush to pick a pair out but I believe I'm going to grab the PC 350's. Can anyone let me know if there will be a significant gain in quality if I purchase a sound card over my board sound which is the P6T deluxe V2 motherboard?

    Lastly I don't want to install something that will be over kill for my games and I've read that there can be a lot of incompatibility with some games. Read my first post for more on what I'm using.

    Thanks for your input Aviduser.
  3. For games, SoundBlaster audio card is your friend and also good for music listening, just gets one of the cheaper X-Fi like the XtremeGamer.
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