Playstation3 as a PC

I'm considering buying a PS3...
Before I do that I would like to know more about the advantages...
I surfed the net and I found out that by installing Linux you can watch movies, use apps such as office, winamp, yahoo messenger, utorrent, firefox...
But can you play pc games on it ( will it be possible in the near future)
Also can you use Photoshop?
What are the advantages or disadvantages?
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  1. Hi mate,

    Well, yes. The PS3 (until recently) had the option to run a secondary operating system other than the Playstation system built into it.

    If you did install another operating system onto it, in theory you could run it as a computer. Exchange the HDD (250GB max) for a 500 or even 1TB Notebook drive as that is what is in the unit.

    The problem is that the custom gaming motherboard the PS3 uses is designed so that games use part of the HDD as RAM. I am not 100% about this but I am pretty sure the PS3 has no RAM internal memory to speak of.

    Bottom Line:
    In theory you could use the PS3 like a computer, but for $600-$700 your money is better put on a real PC.

    Hope this helped and good luck! :D
  2. Hi ..

    Well, its a great gaming system, with amazing exclusives like MGS4, Uncharted, GT5, Resistance, Killzone 2, and many more. It is a good choice even if you don't play video games, because it has a built- in Bluray player, DVD upscaler, and much more. Plus you could download Videos and music to it, and access media servers. And it can be used as a basic computer if you download Linux to it.

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