HP f1703 loses power, power adapter is good.

Please read post completely before replying, I don't think it's the standard blackout issue.

I have a HP Pavilion f1703 17" LCD display that will stay on from one minute to several days. When the power fails, the picture will turn off and then the power button will go dark. When functioning normally it has a beautiful picture and blue power light. When in standby the light will be amber. I have checked many forums and have tried the blackout fixes. I have also tried finding a replacement inverter board with no success. Due to the fact that the screen is completely off and absolutely no image is present, I don't think it is showing the more common blackout issue. As I said, it will work for days sometimes without a problem then just turn off. If I unplug the monitor for at least five minutes and plug it back in, it will have power again. At this point I usually have five minutes before it goes off. If it doesn't go off after five minutes, it will usually stay on for a few days at least.

Has anybody heard this issue and know a fix, I don't have the money right now to replace it. Due to the fact that when it does work and the picture is awesome, I would like to try and fix it. Inexpensively hopefully.

BTW, this monitor has been tested on multiple computers and a Xbox 360 with VGA cable connection. It does the same thing on all systems tested.

Please help me fix my monitor.
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  1. Bring it into a shop. It's most likely the electrical connection / circuit board that is at fault.
  2. I would prefer to fix it myself. I fix computers for a living. This monitor has me completely stumped and I want to conquer this issue. So, if anybody has any insight, please help.

    Thank you.
  3. follow these directions once you get the screen taken apart check your solder connections on the inductors and if they look bad or are cracked like 2 of mine were just heat that solder connection to redistribute the solder


    let me know if this works for you

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