Best tuner/wintv250,350,ati elite?

I was going to buy a Gateway, Sony, Hp etc because I can get cost plus 5%...sounds good, but I started looking at building one... and that's when the massive can of worms was opened. Ha! Ha!

I thought I would be burning dvd's months ago...those dam worms. There's so much info and reviews etc, which has been very helpful.I need to get cables( round of course?) I need to know what are the best cables for connecting my two monitors, printers, scanners, routers, modems, sound cards etc.

TV tuner...Haupper 350/500? ATI elite pro? power color 550... heard there's problems with software? I would like thru view(ati aiw) tv guide programs...will be recording lots of tv, also do you think I need ms media cntr 05 if I have a good tuner already.Also what is the best software,beyond tv...etc.

Thanks Mike,

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  1. The best chip is the ati 550. Picture quality is very good, exceeding other ati products I've had. The Cyberlink software included with the 550 works fine while MCE 2005 is an improvement, if your willing to spend the extra $130.00. I believe any of the 550 based cards do the same job, allowing you to save money on another manufacturer (Sapphire for example). The ATI (AIW) software you like is not supported by the newer ATI chip.
  2. Yes, the Theater 550 (also available on the TV Wonder Elite) is nice. And yes, the software is horrible. And no, you can't use ATI's MultiMedia Center with the card. I used Snapstream's Beyond TV on mine for a while. Now I just use the horrible software included with the card.

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