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im planning on do a little experiminting and buying a dual socket workstation not a server, as i like to have some of the features of a high end desktop. i looked at the xeons and opterons. mind you im buying something probably refurbished just to mess around and do some video editing and maybe some games please dont reccomend me to build a desktop. anyways i found the hp xw8200 and hp xw9300, both sub $500 and i can get. i have decided to go with the hp xw9300 because it uses amd opterons and all the pcs in my house are intel so i need a change. after reading several reviews of the unit from respectible sites like pc world i found several intresting deal breakers for the unit. intresting to note is its built on the nvidia nforce 4 professional chipset and has 2 pci-express x16 slots and hp oficially supports sli and it has a 1000w psu. and the only bummer is ddr 400 ram i guess i could get another socket f(1207) board soon. but as far as processors, could i throw in a new dual core opteron and for sli how bout 2 8800gts?
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  1. Try Z800.
    Personaly, I don't like AMD CPU.
    I have xw8000 for almost 7 years already.
    (loaded with max supported CPUs and memorys)
    Still runs good. Stable and still can catch up todays application needs.
  2. Hey, I have the xw8000, too. I was wondering if I could upgrade to a dual core. I have two single-core processors: Intel Xeon, 2.4 Ghz. I have read that a dual core would be more beneficial than two single-core processors at the same speed. I do music and video editing and I need more speed. Please help, thanks.
  3. HAVE A Z400 WITH a quad core w3520 with ht and 24 gigs of ram !
  4. Intel is for multitasking, AMD is for graphics. Keep in mind Intel can rock graphics too, but is best for multitasking.
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