How to restore acer aspire one to factory settings without cd

would like some help
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  1. Instructions
    Consider what data you still need from your Acer Aspire One's hard drive. Save the files to an external USB device.

    Restart the Acer Aspire One's operating system. Wait for the Acer logo to appear on the LCD screen.

    Press the "Alt-F10" keys at the same time to bring up the recovery menu. Press "Enter."

    Click "Next." Follow the prompts that appear on the screen to restore the operating system back to factory settings.

    Use the drop-down boxes to select the time zone and language information for your Acer Aspire One. Restart the netbook when you are prompted to finish restoring the computer.

    Connect the external USB device to your Acer Aspire One and transfer the data you saved earlier back to the netbook.
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