Best antivirus for windows 7

what is the best antivirus for windows 7
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  1. try avira or avast free with malware bytes..
  2. Microsoft Security Essentials
  3. ESET NOD32
  4. manojgj said:
    try avira or avast free with malware bytes..

    I'm running Avast Internet Security and I like it. The free Avast antivirus is good as well. It comes with email scanning in it and no nagware dialogs either.

    Microsoft Security Essentials is good too.

    You can't really go wrong with any of the choices given.

    ESET NOD32 isn't free, is it?
  5. g data which is avast and bitdefender under one gui!
  6. I use bit defender. Never had any problems.
    Theres a good review here:
  7. eset nod32

    for free avast
  8. I see a post about best A/v on here almost daily. And there is this large pretty sticky up top with all the info in it already. We should just put a link to that anytime anyone asks.
  9. I'm currently using Kaspersky and it does the job brilliantly, and it is not too expensive either.
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