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Picking a new all around 24" LCD

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Last response: in Computer Peripherals
September 22, 2008 1:56:23 AM

I have been looking up reviews and costs for a 24" monitor and every monitor has their ups and downs. As I been reading alot about lcds I've come to realize alot of the jargon. And I know what I want, yet every monitor seems to have some of the stuff I want but lack other.

So I decided to ask for help. My computer wont be done for another week, since its going to be my primary computer I wanted an all around monitor. I'm fairly big on gaming but I am willing to sacrifice response time and some ghosting.

I dont want a TN panel. I'm a huge movie buff, I am very picky on movies. I hate bleeding colors. I will be doing some photo and video editing but nothing major. I also would like to hook up my ps3 or 360 up to it, but like I said I can sacrifice some input lag. I had narrowed my choices but I found some reviews that weren't favorable. I guess you cant please everyone.

So here is what I need help in choosing.

1. NO TF panels, preferable IPS panels
2. Have one DVI port, one component, and atleast one hdmi
3. NO speakers buit in or webcam necessary
4. Gonna watch lots of Blu-ray movies so HDCP prefered
5. 24"
6. Recent response time
7. Low ghosting
8. ~$400 price range.
9. High Color gamut
I had it narrowed down to the Samsung SyncMaster 245T but read had horrible input lag and some loud noises came out from it.

I also looked at the Samsung SyncMaster T240HD but high input lag.

The Acer P243W however it's a TN panel.

I got really excited about the Iiyama ProLite B2403WS til I also found out it was a TN panel.

The Dell 2407WFP has been discontinued and the DELL 2408WFP is way out of my price range.

Also the NEC ASLCD24WMCX-BK seems like a good choice, but haven't read up on it much.

And I've read too many bad things of the LG's to even mention one.

If anyone has any suggestions or other monitors you guys might like. Please let me know any opinion matters.

Thanks in Advance.

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a c 197 C Monitor
September 22, 2008 4:06:47 AM

All 24" LCD monitors that are not using TN panels starts at about $575 - $600.

The only exception is Westinghouse and maybe Soyo. Not the best quality and probably only analog connections.

Either increase your budget, or accept a TN panel.
September 22, 2008 10:11:36 AM

hey jaguar..
firstly wanted to say this:
i am a new user here and have read about last 40 threads on this flat panel forum and am impressed by your endeavor to answer most of the posts here..

now something related to this post:
I have exactly the same query, word by word as immortal put it..
the thing is i am ready to spend $600-700 for the LCD but in my country (india) Dell is offering it at arnd $1200 [:( ]
so this might be the case with immortal as well and thats why he mentioned "DELL 2408WFP is way out of my price range"
only he can tell about that..

so, keeping this thing in mind, what would you suggest?
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September 22, 2008 9:32:01 PM

Ok what TN panel monitor would you recommend. I could go higher if the performance is there.

I went over my pc budget so decided to cut back on the monitor's. That was my bad since as soon as I got into them I realized that the monitors I wanted would be half of my computer's total cost.

My question then, changes.

What would be the best TN monitor for the needs I have? Or is there really a non TN panel worth it, thats not over $700?

Would you recommend the Dell?
a c 197 C Monitor
September 23, 2008 12:42:03 AM

Dell usually have sales on their monitors so it is possible to get the Dell 2408WFP for about $600 before shipping and taxes. You just need to wait for a sale.

The HP LP2465 Carbonite is one of the least expensive S-PVA 24" monitor you can buy. $530 after rebate and before shipping.

The HP LP2475w is the least expensive 24" monitor with an IPS panel; selling for about $610.

HP LP2475W review:
a c 197 C Monitor
September 23, 2008 12:48:05 AM

scorpion_anshul said:

the thing is i am ready to spend $600-700 for the LCD but in my country (india) Dell is offering it at arnd $1200 [:( ]

I don't really research TN monitor, but I've read many posts about how good the BenQ V2400W is.


People have stated it is a direct replacement for BenQ G2400WD which is cheaper and will be phased out.
September 23, 2008 1:42:32 PM

well, i would not prefer a TN panel at all...

See my usage would be like this:

1) Video Quality - I like to watch hd movies and high quality videos as well as lots of TV series..

2) Application Development: I will be using the machine for coding a lot as well, so lots of text viewing... Also, i do use some graphic editing applications to create stuff for my applications, so i want good colors display as well...

3) Browsing the Internet/Instant Messaging - Lots of text, images, and even video

4) Games - I usually play RTS games and others which don't demand that low response times as asked for by avid gamers...

So, Benq one is ruled out.. will take a look at those hp ones..
a c 197 C Monitor
September 23, 2008 4:18:43 PM

If the Dell 2408WFP is out of your range, then most likely all 24" S-PVA monitors will be out of your range in your country.

Some 24" S-PVA monitor you can look into:

-HP LP2465 Carbonite
-HP LP2475W - This actual uses an IPS panel and will cost more than the Carbonite
-Samsung 245T
-BenQ FP241W - Sold directly by BenQ; visit their homepage
-ViewSonic VX2435wm - This is a P-MVA panel similar to S-PVA

Good luck
October 8, 2008 2:01:28 AM

Had to save a bit, and got the Dell 2408WFP A1, so far I'm very happy with it.

24 inches is alot bigger than it looks. Games are a bit sluggish but it's a good all around monitor, blue-ray looks great on it. Love it love it.

Thanks for all the advise jaguar!!!
October 8, 2008 10:04:50 AM

hey immortal, how do you identify that its a A1 revision, any guidelines?
October 9, 2008 2:57:06 AM

It's on the back of the panel it says A1, it doesn't say it on the website.

From what I read in their forums most of US consumers should be getting the A1 revision.
October 20, 2008 5:01:28 PM


What do you think of this deal for BenQ FP241W? BenQ website has a special for the $449, free shipping.
I am just wondering, is it very bulky, if my mouse is on the same table as the monitor, would I have hard time placing it?

a c 197 C Monitor
October 20, 2008 6:19:57 PM

The BenQ FP241W is a good monitor; I was actually considering it before ultimately decided to buy my NEC LCD2690WUXi.

I think I read some people complained that the monitor turns black in Windows upon boot up for a second or two with an ATI card. Might have been a driver issue. You might want to google it if you are concerned.

As for deskspace and mouse, that depends on how much deskspace you have. Overall the FP241w's footprint should be smaller than a 15" CRT monitor. I don't think the depth should be greater than 10" (at most). Check the specs of the monitor.
October 20, 2008 7:52:49 PM

That NEC is a little bit out of the price range. Do you think it makes sense to just add another $150 and go with HP LP2475w? Would there be any substantial difference to the BenQ?
a c 197 C Monitor
October 20, 2008 10:05:19 PM

IPS panels (like the one found in the HP LP2475w) generally offers better color accuracy when it has been calibrated with a colorimeter than all other panel techs. A colorimeter can cost between $75 - $300+ (more advanced features/tweaking). Based on a review I read, the default color accuracy is pretty bad compared to other monitors, but after being calibrated, it ranks amongst the best.

IPS offers sharper text, but some people say it looks a bit grainy (as if too sharp). On the other hand, due to pixel alignments of newer S-PVA panels, a few people say that text can appear to be more fuzzy (kinda technical). The BenQ doesn't use this type of "newer" S-PVA panel. My monitor uses an IPS panel and texts are definitely sharp (it allows me to adjust sharpness).

Colors on an IPS panel tends to shift less or bleed out less (aka gamma shifting) than S-PVA panels at more extreme angles. Great if a few people are gathered around a 24" monitor watching a movie (actually that sounds a bit sad).

S-PVA panels generally have better blacks than IPS though, which would probably be a primary concern if watching movies ranks high on the list.
October 21, 2008 4:07:56 PM

Jaguar, so basically you suggest that a novice should go with a TN panel rather than getting a "cheap" pva pannel.
What is your opinion of lets say Samsung T260HD. It is a 26' with a TV tuner. I know it has the resolution of the 24' monitor, would that make it less ?sharp"?

or is it better to just go with Dell Ultra Sharp 24'?
a c 197 C Monitor
October 21, 2008 6:07:30 PM

What I am saying is that it depends on what your budget is and how critical you will judge the image quality. I tend to avoid TN panels.

The BenqQ FP241W is an excellent deal for a S-PVA panel monitor. The only downside is that it is an older monitor if you were to compare it to the newer Dell 2408WFP and the HP LP2475w.

The Samsung T260HD definitely uses a TN panel. To me if only makes sense to buy it if you are actually gonna be watching TV with it. Technically speaking a 24" LCD will look sharper than a 26" LCD when viewing it at the same distance. But you should not notice much of a difference unless you have them side by side and you are looking for details.

My NEC listed in my sig is a 26" (actually 25.5") monitor and I love it.

If I was looking to pick up monitor now it would probably be the HP.

October 27, 2008 6:56:52 PM


How is the input lag for HP LP2475w? Correct me if I am wrong, I have read that it is around 30ms, is that almost a frame?
Would that be noticable with games?

a c 197 C Monitor
October 28, 2008 12:58:04 AM

The LP2475w has an measured input lag of 25ms. I believe every 16ms of lag represents 1 frame, so 25ms means just over 1.5 frames.
(scroll down towards the bottom)

Is it going to be noticeable in games? Really, really doubtful. And it depends on the person.

I played games like Far Cry (the original) on my old Planar PX191 from 2002 and I didn't notice any input from something that old. Then again, most of the time I am sneaking around and ambushing my enemies. I don't normal charge in with guns blazing unless I have to.