False HDTV advertisement

from dell site: "Samsung 46" LN46B550 1080p LCD HDTV Step up to the power of Full HD with the 46" LN46B550 LCD HDTV from Samsung"
Subtotal $949.99

"HDTV: Auto Motion Plus / 120Hz blur reduction / Ultra Slim 1.2 in depth cabinet / Touch of Color; Blu-ray Disc Player: Dolby® Digital, 7.1 multi-channel PCM output support / 1 GB built-in memory"

Above HDTV is not 120hz, but it's 60hz..but they advertised as 120hz
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  1. Good catch but they must have caught the error as it states 60 Hz now.

  2. Yep. The standalone product page for the LN46B550 shows 60 Hz as it should but the product page for the LN46B550 with a Blu-ray player offered with it suggests it has Auto Motion Plus / 120Hz Blur Reduction.

    Good catch indeed.

    Now you should bug Dell about it and demand they send you the LN46B550 and the Blu-ray player for pointing it out.
  3. you are right...i talked them...after hours..finally get to the returns and he gave me a 10% off of total package....they key is to wait until you get to the returns. customers service SUCKS...!
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