SATA + Raid setup with Lanparty NF3

Anyone have experience with DFI Lanparty UT nf3 250gb and multiple SATA drives. I will have the following setup:

x1 160gb Seagate 7200.7 SATA (C: 60gb for OS/APPS, D: 50gb for Games, E: 50gb for MP3, pictures, home data, save game backups, etc)

x2 160gb Seagate 7200.7 SATA (RAID 0) for video capture, editing, burning DVD's from, etc.

Several questions:

1) How do my partions look for drive 1? 60gb for OS/APPS should be good right? 50gb for games prob. a little small? What about Pagefile (system will have 1-2GB)? Don't know much about Pagefiles.

2) What recommendations for partition for RAID 0 array. Mainly used for capture and editing, should I just set up 2 80gb partitions? Is that way too big for basically a scratch disk? Want all 3 drives to be same though (see below)

3) MAIN QUESTION: DFI Lanparty supports up to 4 SATA drives, 2 off the NForce3 chip, and 2 additional off the Marvell SATA PHY. How should I connect these SATA drives? To which controller? Should RAID 0 array be on the NF3 chip controllers or the Marvell? Will there be any performace issues I should think about? Should drive containing OS be on NF3 chip controller instead?

All 3 drives are identical. Possible I could add a fourth some day for RAID 0+1 or RAID 5 (new MB required I know)


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  1. That seemed like the right way to go, but I wasn't sure if I'd see more performance with the array from the nvidia chip. Thanks.

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  2. <i>>How do my partions look for drive 1?</i>

    Why have a separate partition for games? Almost all aps/games have to install with the OS so it's not as if you can reformat C: and hope to still play games on D: without reinstalling them. I'd just make a reasonable partition C: for OS/APS/GAMES and another for backup.

    <i>>What about Pagefile</i>

    Pagefile is basically the system using your hard disk for memory, i.e. incredibly slow. A pagefile is fastest when placed on a disk where it can be accessed the quickest. Windows uses the pagefile all the time whether it needs to or not so ask yourself when are you really going to need the pagefile? When video editing. In which case placing the pagefile on the RAID0 array will interfere with your video. Hence leave the pagefile on hdd0.

    <i>>What recommendations for partition for RAID 0 array</i>

    I have none. Do whatever you feel like. My RAID0 array is 1 223GB partition, feel free to do the same, just defrag often if you do alot of writes.

    <i>>How should I connect these SATA drives? </i>

    It doesn't matter, the MB/s from the RAID0 won't max out either the NF3 controller or the Marvell. Do whatever is most convenient.
  3. I usually put games on a seperate partition because I can reformat and still not lose my save games. (I always miss a game or two before I format it - then I'm pissed) I know most games will require re-install after new OS install. Point well taken though, perhaps I just need to be more organized!

    Regarding the pagefile, with 1-2GB of RAM, will I want the pagefile kept small, let windows set it automatically, or make it huge? I've never fully understood this. I've also read it's best to keep pagefile on HDD other than where OS is installed? Away from OS or away from RAID array and my video - is it a "lesser of two evils" kind of thing?

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