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Hello,I have a Canon Digital IXUS 100 IS. I also have a 4GB memory card for the camera (SD ULTRA SDHC). On the weekend I took the card out because I forgot what brand it was. When I put the card back in I recieved the message "Memory Card Error" and "Card Locked" underneath it. Can't do anything on the camera. I've looked around on the internet and was told it's possible to recover the lost images before trying to format it to use the card again.

When I use the card reader on my computer, it doesn't recognize the SD card that is in the reader. When I go to properties, it says 0 bytes. I thought I would try recovering anyways,but that also dosent work. please help!!!!!!!
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  1. This might sound like a stupid question but you did power off before pulling out the card right? And by pulling out did you force it out or click and release then pull the card out.
  2. might sound stupid but..... maybe u locked the card?? jsut check that it isnt actaully locked, on the left theres a little switch jsut flick it up

    what ronald30 says...
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