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hi i was wondering if you could tell me where i can get a power lead for the tower for acer aspire l320 please thank you
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  1. According to the website it uses a 135 W external 100-240V AC AutoSensing Adapter -- presumably a cube.

    If that's missing you'll need to replace it, having established the low voltage output (usually about 19 volts but not always).

    If you have the power cube, you are presumably talking about the mains cable that goes to the wall.

    Is the mains socket on the cube a two pin -- or three pin ?

    Is it a cloverleaf (3 round pins) or kettle-type (3 square pins as used on most desktop computers and printers)

    Is it a two pin (figure of eight shape) >?

    If poss supply pics. Or take the thing into a repair shop and get them to advise you.
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