EMachine ET1161, Glitch-Freeze

I have an eMachine ET1161-07, the Mobo is a MCP61PM-GM. Never had any problems with it until now, on Boot-up it will Glitch-Freeze on the eMachine logo. The screen says to ether press F2 or F10, nether are functional. I read though different issues from this board with simular situations but nothing seem to fix the problem. Would it be a Bios issue?

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  1. Could I provide any other information that might help you help me?
  2. Does it eventually load into windows?
  3. No, that is are far as it can go. Unless I am mashing F8 as soon as I hit the power button, but that just turns into a blue and white glitched mess.
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    Remove 2 of your 3 RAM chips. If you've installed any add on cards, remove them.
    Try booting.

    Was there something that happened right before this (acting funny, noises, storm..etc)?
  5. Awesome!!! It booted! Are the RAM cards dead now? or should I be ok putting them back in?
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  7. I put them back in and everything still works great!
  8. Good deal. If it happens again, use process of elimination to find out which chip is causing the problem.
  9. Thank You!
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