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I have an old audio system, and the amp finally gave up so I bought a new one. I will hook my digital cable box and blue ray to it.

My speakers are also antique. The new amp has a hook up for the woofer (RCA Cable), but on my speakers (Cambridge), the hook up is to run the left and right channels speaker wire to the woofer, then to the left and right speakers.

I can't afford new speakers right now, any idea how to hook this up? Can I cut one end off of a RCA cable and attach the wires to the woofer terminals?

I don't want to hurt the new amp (Sony STR 1000).

I use some even older speakers for the rear channels -- Sansui SP200's that I bought in the PX in Saigon in 1967.

Any input would be appreciated.
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  1. Yep, just lop off the RCA cable end, strip back a half inch to expose the wire and there you go.
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