Samsung Front-Facing LCD Cameras

The Samsung ST100 and ST600 have front-facing LCD screens so people can take those self-shots they so often do. They are calling it the "DualView".

What do you think - is this something that might prove useful, or totally gimmicky? Would this kind of feature have an effect on whether or not you bought a camera?
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  1. As one reviewer I read stated (roughly): He'd seen a camera a few years ago with a mirror on the front and thought it was just dumb until he observed his teen daughter and her friends repeatedly taking self portraits.

    It's a self-obsessed, casually narcissistic generation that this Samsung is aimed at, not the likes of you and me. We'd probably just wonder what purchase cost and battery consumption penalties resulted from this "innovation".

    To me Samsung would be better off spending their time building up some technical cred by producing some serious cameras along the lines of other second tier brands like Sigma and Ricoh. Or at least improving the cosmetics of their range -- which presently look like crude versions of Nikon, Sony and Lumix models.
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