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How to download video from camera on pinnacle 12

I have a Sony Digital 8 camcorder and want to transfer my videos to my laptop which has Windows 7. I purchased Dazzle DVD Recorder Plus and downloaded the disk, but do not know how to capture the videos with that hardware.
Can you help?
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    You need some type of Capture program such as Windows Movie Maker OR ULead DVD Factory on your laptop. It takes some time to learn how to use these programs. I don't know whether Dazzle does this. Maybe.

    Then connect the camcorder to the laptop via a 'firewire' cable (supplied with the camcorder)

    Next, Import the video from the camcorder to the computer.

    Next, edit off unwanted portions, and save the edited video.

    Now you can convert the format (the Capture program will do this) to MPEG and burn it on to a DVD along with other videos in order to fill the DVD capacity.

    It's a slow process.
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