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I have a 50' Fujitsu plasma display model number PDS5002U. I want to use it as a HDTV and connect it to my Direct TV satellite box. Which input terminals do I connect to use as TV............and how do I get audio?
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  1. Use Component cables to connect the video from the DirectTV unit to the back or front of your TV. Use the audio outs on your your DirectTV unit to plug into your audio in on your stereo.

    On this page, use the drop down box to select your TV model. It will provide illustrations of the video inputs.
  2. And HDMI to DVI adapter/cable get the digital signal from your Direct TV box to your TV. It is called RGB1 on your TV from what the manual reads. There are some online vendors that have these cables for <$10. Quality would be somewhat better.
    Then connect the audio the same as theviper says. Its the red and white cables for that.
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